Our BACK YARD is all about educating and stimulating children and families. It was created to entertain and to educate. Please come and explore and see, touch, hear, smell and most of all MOVE about the Back yard.
We believe children need to be active and must burn off the calories from all that yummy ICE CREAM.
The Back yard is there to roam about, get a scavenger hunt card and see if you can get 8 out of 10 and it can be rented for birthday parties also.
The Back yard will feature our PETTING ZOO. Chickens, baby goats, baby lambs, rabbits and maybe more. Come and see and play with our friends.

The back yard started out pretty messy but we are adding:

We expect to have thousands of children and families visit and to be entertained on our back yard annually and we are inviting you to help us with our goal of educating and stimulating children. We are offering local businesses the opportunity to provide an outdoor exhibit 4 ft x 4 ft (suggested). This exhibit could/should be representative of your industry and should educate and stimulate children. You should also provide a description (200 words approx. with integrated photos) and a sign representing your company to be displayed with your exhibit. Exhibits should educate, provide intrigue and motivate kids to be curious about your business and the work that you do. The exhibit needs to be safe for families to interact with; you will be responsible for installing and securing the exhibit and providing the information and sign. There will be a small fee ($ 200.00) per annum and all of these fees shall be donated to a local children’s charity selected by Madden Ice Cream.